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E-scooter tour 2.5 hours including coffee cake ...
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Explore the countryside of Amsterdam and cruise along the beautiful typical Dutch landscapes. Explore the old-harbor villages of Volendam and Edam within 2.5 hours. Enjoy a culinary stop with coffee and cake at a beautiful restaurant in Edam. Visit the historical Edam or Volendam museum (cultural stop). Enjoy the different photo stops along the route; Volendam famous harbour, Volendam Doolhof ‘maze’, The dike of Volendam/Edam, the beautiful canals. Visit The Musicaltower ‘Speeltoren’ in Edam, the Katwouder windmill and other great spots. Enjoy the green plains with its' grazing animals. See a traditional working windmill. Determine your own track, your own speed and the locations you want to hop off. Get advised about details of this route by our friendly staff. Travel green, in silence and with zero emission on the super cool E-scooter!

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